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At B+M Industrial, our core business has always been industrial electric motor repair. As our reputation for craftsmanship and customer service grew, our customers asked B+M to take responsibility for the troubleshooting, removal, repair, reinstallation and commissioning of their motors. Today, the Company's capabilities have evolved into three service and one sales department equipped to handle the entire motor turnaround.

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From the onset of an electric motor, pump or gearbox issue until these components are put back into service, B+M is your one-stop service center.

While our core business is electric motor reconditioning and rewinding, our field service teams and equipment sales team connect all of the dots from diagnosing the problem in the field to commissioning the new or reconditioned components.

Our Capabilities

We are a regional service center, competitive from Odessa, TX to Albuquerque, NM to Tucson, AZ. Our shop can handle almost any motor, pump or gearbox in our service area. Our talent hasn’t come across a problem we couldn’t solve.

33K sqft

Shop Space

20K lbs

Crane Capacity

16 ft

Crane Hook Height

4,160 VAC

Test Stand Run Voltage

400 VDC

DC Test Stand Run Voltage

6K hp

Motor Rebuilding Range

300 mi

Pickup & Delivery Service Range

8 ft

Diametr of VPI Tank

8 x 8 ft

Opening of Largest Cure Oven

6 x 6 ft

Opening of Largest Burnout Oven

$1.0+ mm

Inventory on Hand

Industries We Serve

Our Craftsmen understand the internal operations of a very wide range of industries. We can work in a steel mill one day and the clean room of a food processor the next. At B+M, we customize our service model to the urgency of your operation, from carrying over $1.0 MM worth of inventory to keeping customer motors repaired and ready to ship in the event of an emergency.

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David Valdez

Vice President,
Sales & Distribution

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Gary Sales

Vice President,
Electric Motor Repair

(915) 497-4975

Cory Polk

Vice President, Field Service,
Electrical & Mechanical

(573) 286-5075

Michael Hernandez

Machining Services

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